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Raised 68.2 ETH

Click buy now -> Connect your metamask wallet -> enter your ETH Amount then click on complete purchase. Congratulations! you have purchased & Receive $MML tokens Instantly in your wallet.

Price 1 ETH = 15,000,000 $MML

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Minimum buy 0.03 ETH & Maximum buy 10 ETH.

Presale Price 1 ETH 15M $MML

Listing Price 1 ETH = 9M $MML

LOW SUPPLY – HUGE MARKETING – Lets Take It To $1 Billion Market Cap

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Enter the real world of viral meme coin

The most Memeable token on this planet! Unleash the power of #Memecoins The first DeFi meme coin that bridge the gap between internet culture & financial innovation With MemePay and MemeSwap #Memeable

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Memeable $MML Ecosystem

The memeable $MML token ecosystem represents a groundbreaking fusion of internet culture and financial innovation. With its emphasis on meme creation, the Viral Meme Community, meme trading through MemeSwap, and the opportunity for growth via MemeStaking, $MML tokens have captured the imagination of meme enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts alike. By harnessing the power of memes, the $MML token ecosystem provides a unique and engaging space for creativity, collaboration, and financial opportunities. So, embrace the memeable $MML token and immerse yourself in a world where internet culture meets the limitless possibilities of decentralized finance!


Imagine a world where you can use a meme coin to pay for your morning coffee, buy groceries, or even book a vacation. With MemePay, this vision becomes a reality. Say goodbye to lengthy transaction times and exorbitant fees – MemePay is here to make your everyday life more convenient and affordable.


Memeable Staking allows you to generate passive income by staking. Earn $ETH $MML $DOGE And other popular cryptocurrencies & meme coins.


Memeswap is the go-to decentralized exchange for meme coins, providing a seamless and secure platform for trading and swapping your favorite meme tokens. With Memeswap, you can take advantage of the vibrant meme coin ecosystem, explore new investment opportunities, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for meme culture.

Join the Meme Coin Revolution Today
Now is the time to embrace the meme coin revolution and unlock the potential of decentralized finance. Memeable’s MemePay, Staking and Memeswap leading the way, you can dive headfirst into the exciting world of meme coins and harness their power to transform your financial future.

Whether you’re a seasoned cryptocurrency investor or new to the world of Meme coins, Memeable offer an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a vibrant and dynamic community. So why wait? Join the meme coin revolution today and let your financial journey begin!


Total Supply 1000,000,000

1 Billion

Presale 300,000,000


Exchanges  200,000,000

Liquidity 20%

Token Burn 300,000,000

After Launch 30%

Rewards-  150,000,000

Community Rewards 15%

Budget-  50,000,000

Marketing & Partnerships 5%


Phase 1


🌐 Development Building: Website, Community Space – Get ready for the hype train with a strong and engaged MML community.

🚀Smart Contract Development: Secure and audited smart contract for MML token to ensure transparency and trust.

🟡 Fair Launch: Memeable (MML) token officially takes off. Get ready get in early!

📣 Branding and Marketing: Spread the word about MML with a comprehensive marketing campaign. Let’s go viral!

Phase 2


🚀 Partnerships: Collaborate with meme creators, influencers, and content platforms. Let’s join forces and spread the Memeable movement!

💰 Token Listings: Launch $MML token on popular DEXs with ample liquidity and accessibility. Trade with ease.

💎 Exchange Listings: Level up our trading game with listings on established CEXs. Reach more people.

🌍 MemeSwap: Dex launch swap your fav meme tokens in low gas fees

Phase 3


🌟 Market Cap Goal: Aim high, aim for $1 billion market capitalization. Let’s show the world the true power of Memeable!

💰 Staking: Earn crypto staking like ETH, MML, DOGE, PEPE and more!

🚀 Tier 1 CEX Listings: Get listed on top-tier CEXs. Boost liquidity, accessibility, and reach for all Memeable warriors!

📱 MemePay: Launch of our Memepay platform and payment gateway, enabling you to accept and transact meme coins in your stores!!

Common answers to questions about Memeable ($MML) can be found below.

Memeable ($MML) is the most Memeable Token on the planet. It is the first decentralized finance (DeFi) meme coin that aims to bridge the gap between internet culture and financial innovation. Memeable leverages the power of memes to create an engaging and interactive ecosystem. It offers unique features such as MemePay and MemeSwap, providing users with new ways to participate in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Memeable (MML) token offers a unique opportunity to embrace the fun and creativity of memes while also exploring financial growth. By holding MML tokens, users can actively participate in the Memeable ecosystem, including activities such as governance, staking, and participating in MemeSwap liquidity pools. Additionally, MML token holders can benefit from potential token appreciation as the popularity and adoption of Memeable grow.

The exact date and details of the claim and launch of $MML will be announced through official Memeable channels, including the project's website and social media platforms. It's important to stay tuned to these channels for the latest updates and instructions on how to claim and participate in the launch of $MML.

To claim your $MML tokens, please follow the instructions provided by the Memeable team during the claim period. Typically, the process involves connecting your wallet to the designated platform and completing the necessary steps to verify your eligibility and ownership. Detailed instructions, including wallet compatibility and claim deadlines, will be communicated through official channels.

For any support or inquiries related to Memeable, you can reach out to the Memeable team through at our official support channel. or reach us out on telegram and other social channels These channels may include a dedicated support email, a support ticketing system, or a community forum where you can post your questions or concerns. The Memeable team is committed to providing assistance and addressing any queries you may have.


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